We are still checking our phone messages and emails daily. Please leave a message with your return contact information and we will be happy to ship you any product or mail out a gift certificate!!

We are not however, offering any type of curb service at this time. We would actually like to encourage you to stay at or near your own home rather than traveling here to Lake County at the moment. Please folks, we do need to take this all very seriously…

I know, I know… That’s very easy to say when the river is in your own back yard, but this is NOT intended to be a selfish request, trust me. As of this very moment Lake County still has no reported cases of this deadly virus, but it will not take long for us to have many cases very quickly, perhaps even more of a spike than our limited resources can handle up here with so many people visiting from other areas and we simply do not think it’s worth the risk!

Most of our phone calls and emails have been from out of area people just wanting to know river conditions and get a fishing report because they are “planning to head on up”, but if you’ll just watch the news you’ll see that this is not really a great idea and is actually being discouraged.

Tippy Dam has already been shut down to everyone and word on the street is that if the crowds continue to grow in other areas we will see even more closures coming soon. We hope this doesn’t happen here for the sake of the locals who live in this area wanting to recreate, but on the other hand perhaps that is what it’s going to take to keep more people safe right now and that is truly the priority here. (It currently looks like the peak of Salmon season at most access sites on the PM btw.)

In closing, we wish the best to everyone during this difficult time and sincerely hope to be able to serve you all again, in person, very soon! Be well…

These are the type of things being recommended to the governor right now and mostly for good reason…


  1. Well said Steven Wish all would ahere to regulations if they don’t might be there last day fishing on earth

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