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Hey guys,

Just a real quick one today as I’m a little short on time, but I figured I’d toss something up before what appears to be an awesome weekend on the way! (Yes, I do guide on Saturday’s during the “non-peak” and I am currently open on both Saturday and Sunday. Monday is booked, but there are more open days after that thru that first part of March… ;^)

Wish I didn’t have two different doctors appointments tomorrow, but I’ll be out over the weekend guiding or not!

We had a couple of tougher days after some cold snaps since that last report, but I really can’t complain on the opportunity side of things. Only on one of those days did we struggle with getting the hookups; on the others we hooked and fought plenty, but they were very camera shy and either found the wood nearby, tossed the fly or some other sort of catastrophic event, mostly after some epic battles however, so it was good stuff!

Come on up and take a ride with me!

Wish I had a few more fish pics for ya, but we’ve got to work on that landing ratio! We have put a few others to hand that were too far away from the camera we opted not to stress and another nice winter buck that we did, but John Robinson used that one in his first report in a long time so it would be redundant. Once again I’ve also neglected to snap a quick pic of a few nice trout I could have as well (Gotta get that next cast in for Steel real quick ya know! ;^) and I should really stop doing that…

Yep, not a fish. Just a possum, crossing the river…

The water is in great shape right now. Pretty much normal in level and “almost” too clear. Lighter leaders for flies is recommended for sure and once again, eggs in both nuke and glo bug styles have been my best producers, (Chartreuse and various shades of orange.) but we’ve had some fish on Hexes, Stones and even fry patterns even though it’s kinda early for that.

It’s time!

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Other than that I don’t have much more for you right now, but if you’re interested in an awesome opportunity for a week in Alaska with me read on!

FYI – If you’re looking for a really great, possibly once in a lifetime deal, I have one for you and, I am looking for a few anglers to guide myself these weeks! We are offering 3 anglers for the price of 2 the weeks of July 18th to 25th July 25th to August 1st and August 1st to the 8th! (This works out to be about 2,664.00 per person for the entire week rather than the standard weekly rate of 3,995.00)

Here’s a short video some cubs playing at the mouth of Margot just because!

Contact me direct or leave a message for me with Karen at the shop if interested in this 2 for 3 deal, but don’t forget, BBT’s exclusive deal kicks in the very next week! (August 8th to the 15th when eggs could start flowing and the Silvers are showing!) Check this link for details and contact the shop on that. We have do have space available!

Tight lines all!