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The days are getting longer and the run is getting stronger is the gist of this long overdue post by me…

John did a fantastic job of describing our two weeks in Patagonia in his report so, for my part, I’ll focus on things here, but leave you with this little 2min 22sec video/slide show I put together on the plane ride home. Our dates and rates are all set for next year right here in this link; you should consider joining us!!


Between excellent water flows and a few solid warm ups we continue to see new pushes of fish make their way thru the lower river in waves slightly larger than a normal winter would provide and the upper reaches are holding better than normal numbers as well!

John R with one of those bright new arrivals…

These fish can currently be found both in the usual winter lies and, upon warm ups, as we just saw the other day, around spawning areas as well! Don’t panic, there were a very limited number of fish actually on the gravel, but yes, a few were that we simply admired in passing and there were a decent number of freshly torn up empty redds also.

Steve from Barski with a lower river bruiser!
This guy was keeping an eye on us…

I don’t have my calendar handy right at the moment, but I believe that I am currently fairly open thru about that first week of March then opening up good again around mid April with “maybe” a day or two still available in the middle, but give the guys at the shop a call to check on dates and with the addition of Donnie and Kam to the team we have some great open guide slots thruout the season!! 231-745-3529

Another lower river piggy!
A very cold day, but a very hot fish!

With consistantly good water flows, but very little snow pack for the big floods of a normal run this is shaping up to be one of those “springs” that get’s real good in February and just stays solid thru the normal course. Fingers crossed, but in all honesty under the right conditions on a good day rght now folks are already hooking as many as you would reasonably expect to in the peak of the spring run so watch the weather and take advantage of the lesser crowds while you can! (I’ll be happy to take you! ;^)

Gotta love a snowy float!
Some fun along the way…
Nice work Joe!

It looks like we’ve returned to more normal weather now and I expect that the really cold nights will put the big slow down on that early spawning activity we’ve had, but those that started will finish as soon as they can. Anything like a little sunshine or temps above freezing that’ll bump the water temp up a degree or two should trigger some feeding activity, but winter tactics and techniques will become key again. (Fish slow, change it up, fish it again. They are there…)

Love it when these guys keep the action going! I need to do a better job of snapping quick pics of these again…

I don’t have much more for you right now, I’m just hanging out and chomping at the bit to get this season started! The shop is already filling up with spring orders and the motel rooms are clean and warm. Come on up and see us and we sincerely thank you for all the business past…

Tight lines all,