The time has finally come…time to “Turn the Page”!  Steelhead season is upon us and we are dedicated to pursuing them daily.  It was a great salmon season that was extended into overtime; due to the number of quality fish that remained in the system.  It was fun while it lasted and THANK YOU to everyone that was in our boats, stopped by the shop and/or stayed at the Motel!  Your loyal support is an amazing gift that we appreciate and worked hard to earn and try to work even harder to keep…Thank You!!!!

New shop hours are 7am to 5pm seven days a week…feel free to call for current conditions and/or make a reservation.  My current open dates are – October 27, 29 & 31  November 3, 4, 8, 10 – 12, 16 – 22, 26 & 30.  First come, first serve; however, we still have plenty of availability between Steve, John Robinson, Donnie and Kam…our expanded guide staff will cater to ever need and technique.  Plus, Kam is happy to do trips on the Muskegon and Grand.  Give us a call 231-745-3529.

A couple memories made last Fall!

Please keep in mind, we are hosting our Fall River Clean-Up on Saturday – November 2, 2019.  Please make an effort to give something back to our amazing resource and join us for a great cause!  We provide the trash bags, cover car spots and even host a great cook-out afterwards!  We just need willing and able bodies to help us…every little bit counts.  Then join the crew at Barski’s on Sunday – November 3 for their third annual Beer Dinner (menu coming soon).  Sounds like a great way to kick off some fall/winter steelheading!?!!

The river is in great shape right now with a little more then normal flows and slight color in the upper sections.  The lower sections are running with more flow and a bit more color (light coffee at the moment).  Perfect for this time of year!  The king eggs are starting to decrease and new steelies are entering the river.  The fishing is not HOT by any means, but they are here to be caught.  Let’s re-focus on the target…each and every WILD steelhead on the Pere Marquette River is earned (and often never forgotten)!  I am extremely excited for the next 6 weeks of fishing.

The egg bite is still good, but nymphs and streamers will start playing a bigger role.  (Clown eggs, nukes and estaz nukes are my favorites…plus, hexes, stones, sparrows and PT’s out of the nymph box).  Bright egg-headed swung streamers or flashy stripped flies will start generating attention in the next couple weeks.  Also, try to use the heaviest leader you can get away with to land your fish.  As always, the best fly is good presentation!  Make your first couple casts count.  Don’t overlook tossing some spinners and tots too!  Just a friendly reminder…BEADS are illegal in the “Fly Water”…thank you!

Here are a couple remaining photo’s off my camera that wrapped up my king season.

Take care and please respect other anglers on the rivers while fishing.  PLEASE catch and release our wild steelhead to help keep this amazing fishery strong and healthy.  The fish that makes your day will make someone else day…plus, maybe someone released the fish prior for you to catch?

More to come next week!!!  Hope to see you out there or come fishing with us.  I am going “scouting” tomorrow and pretty excited about it.


John Karakashian