Kameron had tomorrow and the next day (September 30 & October 1) open up last minute! Call the shop to grab these prime dates! 231-745-3529

John R and I had a great time with Sam, his son Ben and grandsons Cody and Parker last Sunday and Monday!

Thanks for two great days guys! Looking forward to next year… ?

All guide dates currently (As I type) available thru October 15th, our traditional end of Salmon season as the focus shifts to Steelhead and trout after that, are:

  • Myself – October 14 & 15
  • John K – October 14 & 15
  • John R – October 9, 14 & 15
  • Kam – Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 8 – 11, 13 – 15
Tuesday was another fun group trip with John R. I had LJ & Corky as first timers in my boat and while most of the big Salmon got away the trout fishing was pretty solid! ? I’m sure the landing ratio will go up with experience…

Thanks guys and I’ll stop by the bar sometime Corky!

Steelhead dates (October 16th onward) are beginning to fill in nicely now, but all five of us (To include Donnie from 11/01 onward) have great dates still open to book and the motel has openings as well. It’s shaping up to be a great season so give the shop a call to check on or book your day(s) and we look forward to spending quality time on the water with you!

Wednesday was spent with Paul (A great friend and my first client ever here on the PM celebrating a 28 1/2 year streak!) and Jeff another LONG time client and friend!

Fantastic time as always guys! See you in the spring if not before…

The trout bite has been solid and a few Steelhead are already being caught here and there. I’ve either had a couple on and lost them already or, they could have also been bright Cohos, another species we’re seeing a few of…

John and his son Joe joined me on Thursday for our annual trip!

We had a lot of action all day, but unfortunately, only a couple of the big boys wanted their pictures taken! Hot action, hot fish and a great time as always! Thanks guys, see you next year… ?

The Kings remain strong with new arrivals continuing to come in, plenty of fish staged in pools and active redds throughout the system. I anticipate we will have good fish right into the 15th and beyond as a bye catch for us in our boats per usual…

Stuart and I celebrated his 50th birthday on Friday and our 20 year friendship! Hard to believe that my God Daughter (Stu’s daughter Valory) has graduated high school and is looking at colleges now… ?

Just a “few” of the many fish Stuart tamed on the day above…
One of the fish I landed in between playing net man and knot tyer for Stu! ??

Traffic remains heavy at times, but anglers seem to be doing a fairly good job of giving one another space and it’s mostly smiles I’m seeing! That being said, let’s continue to treat others as you would have them treat you and extend this memorable season of big fish and big smiles!

Happy Birthday Stuart and thanks to all of you from Steve for all your support at Barski as well as thanks from us here at BBT for the support of the shop, motel and guide service!! Cheers to good friends and good people all around… ?

Tight lines!