Report from the river today as I will not have time to do it tonight or tomorrow. Slower start this morning, but we’ve made contact with a fish or two at all three stops so far despite the cold weather last night that caused a significant water temp decline…

A couple of high water spawners from Wadells’s last Sunday…

These fish above here are likely the last you’ll  see from me out of Wadell’s for a while now as some of the “anglers” and guides that haven’t been out much recently are now and up to the old tricks of go super early to grab it and sit all day.

im not sure what time you have to go to beat them, but 5:30am for now “might”  be a good guess! ;^) That being said, if you just wait them out and hit it after them the landing ratio seems to go way up on those tired fish that have been fought all day… Sad, but true, think I’ll just skip it.

A first cast fish for Jim!

Now that the water has calmed back down we’ve been spending allot more time in the pools looking for and, mostly finding, some fresh ones. Many have been too hot to handle, but that’s fun as well!!

We haven’t ignored the gravel entirely however and if we can get one to eat a fly in a reasonable amount of cast as we poke and prod our way down the river fishing many spots we’ll do it, just not the same fish all day…

First of several to hand.
Always makes for a great day…
Last fish of the day. Hope to see ya again soon!

Had a fantastic three day three boat group trip that we just finished up yesterday. All but one of the anglers has never done this before, but if you want to know if they had a good time, we are all set already for doing four boats for four days next year!

Our first was a good warm up! Nice work Mark…
Bonus on a fry pattern!

Between a little bit of a learning curve and some supercharged fish we didn’t wind up bagging quite as many of them as we’d like to, but that’s fine. These guys seemed to enjoy all the whoopings as much as anything  else!

Some shoulders on this “teener”!
A great fish for Mike!
Bagged one for Tom as soon as we gave him the hole! Sweet…
Last cast of the last day!!

John R. Will likely have a few more photos from the group in his report and we’ll be looking forward to making more memories next year!

Gotta get back to guiding now.

Tight lines!