Spring is slowly peeking out!  I spotted my first robin a couple days ago and the fish are starting to spawn a little more.  We still have very cold water…in the mid 30’s for the time being, but the temps should rise over the next week.  Fishing has been pretty good on most days.  Looking for players has been the key and covering water is paying off.

The shop is still a mess from the flood, but will be cleaned-up soon.  Please excuse our mess for the time being…we are working on re-tooling.  The shop hours are 7am to 5pm Sunday through Thursday and 7am to 7pm Friday and Saturday.  The busy season is about to begin…please respect anglers space.  The best policy is to ask before you cast!  Let’s all have fun, not drama.

Paul with a colored up hen
Marshall with a teener buck!


The river is in very nice shape from top to bottom.  The upper river is still tea colored and the lower is coffee, but it will warm up over the next few days as temperatures rise.  It has been a mixed bite over the last week…cream glow bugs, pale nukes and clown eggs;  and hexes, black stones, sparrows and fry patterns on the bug side.  The nymph bite is picking up each day.  Start letting your drift swing at the end…we had a couple HARD strikes when the fry patterns were quartering out.


Jack landed a 19 pounder…largest ever landed in my boat!!!!


It has been an awesome season thus far.  We have been busy guiding and catching fish.  Some days are better then others, but we are finding players each and every day.  There has been a small parade of boats launching super early and running to a persevered “Hot Spot”, but fishing the river is paying off rather then “hole sitting”.


I am running out of steam right now, so here are a bunch of pictures to keep you motivated.  The fish are running big this year, so be ready!  Check your knots, your drag and lean into those big, hot wild PM steelhead!

Chrome Buck!
Cold hands
Joe landed this hot hen on cold morning
John with a solid hen
Another solid buck!

Peter with a beautiful wild PM hen

Thank you to all the anglers that have been in my boat this past week.  It was a blast and I am looking forward to the up and coming week of fishing.  Things should POP very soon and the fishing will remain strong throughout April.  Look for the streamer bite to pick up once the water warms up over 40 degrees and the fry hatch begins.

Please contact the shop for questions and/or concerns…231-745-3529.  We have guides available and lodging throughout the next month of steelhead season.  “tis the season, please be patient and understanding.  The simple rule is…”treat other as you would like to be treated”…think before you cast.  Good luck out there and be safe!



John Karakashian