Hi guys,

Sorry I didn’t get another post up before the weekend, but both Johns did I believe and it is nice to spread them out at least a little bit! Soon enough, we will be adding yet another report page from Donnie Richards who has joined team BBT for certain times of the year!

Excited to have Donnie Richards as a part of team BBT! Welcome aboard Donnie…

We are very excited about this working out and will have some open dates for Donnie posted up shortly… (The shop may have some now, give us a call) I’m personally booked pretty solid for a while yet here, but it is shaping up to be a good long season and I do still have some dates yet in April. Those dates are currently: April 14 – 18, 21 – 25 &  30 Should be solid for Steelhead thru the end of the month as well as the trout bite turning on! We have other guide(s) available on various dates throughout the season also as well as motel rooms, just give the shop a call to check on open dates or lock something in! We would love to host you… 231-745-3529

Patrice with our first to hand after some other hard fought battles!
The first of several nice browns for Jay!

The water is in great shape up top here and I expect it’s probably at least fair all the way down. We have been having some random tree issues since the high water and melt off, so if you’re floating anywhere I suggest being prepared to portage or cut just in case something new pops up.

Another solid brown…
The mink have been very active and entertaining!
He’s a magnet!
Our “last cast” of the day fish!

Water temps have been very cold on a few mornings yet, but a few fish are spawning here and there (Let the races begin! We’ll just keep fishing our way down the river getting what we get… ;^) with some new arrivals in the pools and runs. Bite has been sporadic, but getting better day by day!

A great start for Paul. You’ll see more of him in John’s next post!
Steve with a nice one to hand. (I believe John may have taken more of Steve also.)
Wayne never disappoints!

Had some great folks in the boat this week and had a blast with all of them. (Thank you one and all!!) Many years together has brought us well past the client/guide relationship and well into a solid friends like family zone! Trips are in the books for our next outings already and as always, I’m looking forward to doing it again…

Football fry crusher!
“I think I’ll catch a nice fresh hen from this pool.” Good call Kevin! ;^)
This was Scott’s first (of many more to come) trip with us. Lost some great battles in the learning process, but landed his first ever as well! Nice work buddy, see ya soon…

With nicer weather arriving as well as more fish the angling pressure will increase as well and some boats that haven’t been out there much if at all will start to be. Some will go early to try and beat everyone to a popular flat somewhere for the day while others will spread out during more reasonable hours and pick their way down the stream or walk around an access area. Regardless of your method I wish you all a great season and, please be mindful of one another out there on the stream!

The after trip pole barn gatherings are always a great time!

It’s taking a little longer to pick out and have new flooring installed at the shop than we had hoped, so please excuse our mess in the mean time! Shop hours are now 7am to 5pm Sunday to Thursday 7am to 7pm Friday and Saturday. We truly appreciate your support!!

Gotta cut this short now and try to get some more things done on my “day off”… (I always block Saturdays off for a mental and physical break, but it never really turns into a relaxation thing, go figure! ;^)

Tight lines all,