Not much too add as far as conditions go from this morning’s brief report. The water dropped and cleared a little more during the day, but the bite never really did turn on, at least while we were out; That was one hack of a cold snap!

The weather is showing a low of 19 degrees tonight, but that won’t be as much of a shock to the fish as last night was and I expect they should be a little more acclimated tomorrow, but only wet flies will tell and we’ll be out there doing it! ;^) The weather looks to just improve from here on out…

Not much time to type yet tonight so I’ll spare you the details of all the latest trips and just leave you with this gallery below of a few we took shots of. With any luck I’ll have a lot more to share with you before next weekend of the game in full swing!

Till then, tight lines! (My next open days to book are currently April 5th & 7th, but we have another guide or guides available many other days.)