Just a quick report tonight since I said I would be more often, but I only just now made it out on the river myself today after having read some pretty good reports on social media over the past week or so. That being said, our little 4 hour BBT guides day off excursion this afternoon was productive…

A nice fresh spring fish!

We didn’t take off from the launch until just about 1pm and got off just before 5, but in that time we managed to truly enjoy a beautiful day, cook up some venison brats, go 2 for 2 on Steelhead and hook a few trout as a bonus.

The water is currently low, clear and very cold up top where we floated. There is a tree that is still passable, but hard to get by in the bend above the Chicago House (Used to go under it.) at the old Yellow Sign bend and word on the street is that there’s another problem one just above Maple Leaf. In other words, if you float, especially after the winds that are on their way here, it’s probably best to pack a good saw in all sections, but those two for sure.

Great to have her back on the water!

I’ve had a few days re-schedule and a few days fill since last report. In all honesty, the weather doesn’t look all that great for most of the coming week, but then again, some of my best fishing days have been in some of the worst weather and I’m prepared for anything! My current openings (We have other guide(s) available on many other days.) are: Now to and including March 4th, March 8, 10 – 13 & 17 April 4 & 5 then pretty open from the 14th on.

Great finish to a fine afternoon!

We should be adding quite a few more open guide dates to what we already have shortly as we are 95% certain we have filled the open guide position we had. (Just one more meeting to finalize the details hopefully…) Also, we will be welcoming Leo, a new employee, to the shop staff in the coming weeks and look forward to having him join the crew!

Current shop hours remain 9am to 5pm Wednesday to Monday, (Closed on Tuesday) but that should be changing soon as the run and business both pick up here shortly. Give us a call to book your trip(s) and/or room(s)! 231-745-3529

Don’t have much more for you now, but I’ll be posting another update at least on conditions sometime mid-week next week!

Till then, tight lines!