Hey guys, seems like John and I both keep slacking a little then suddenly decide to post very close to one another, but I’m good with that for now as I will, once again, refer you to his report for more detail! (Trying to get this and a few other things done so I can head out to deer camp for the week…)

John, John and I had the chance to goof off for a day together on the 2nd and took advantage of it. We had an awesome time hanging out, catching a few fish and losing a few as well, but the one that got a lot of attention on various social media outlets was my last of the day and I do believe that more than one or two people mistook the post or, just didn’t do the math! ;^)

Two cameras made for a very quick photo/release session, but two different perspectives as well!

The post read: “21lbs! (In a 3lb net…) I’ll take it!” I have already corrected several people elsewhere, but to be clear that was supposed to be done as 21 – 3 = 18lbs! (We weigh Steelhead in the net instead of by the jaw when we rarely weigh them.) Anyway, 18lbs is still a sweet fish! My second or third largest to date, but the other two, one that did break the 20 mark, were both on flies, this one was on hardware right after lunch, lost one “slightly” smaller ;^) on a fly just before that…

As John mentioned the weather, barometer, etc, have made for some challenging conditions on some days with almost no bite to speak of and others have been “normal” all the way to awesome, but getting our butts kicked by most of them.

Making the best of a slow bite day. Lots of fun with Angel and DJ!

As stated early on I have this week blocked off for deer camp. As many of you already know, one of my original partners in the business, Bob Fisher, passed on suddenly back in August. I have been hunting at Bob’s since we met each other back in the early 90’s even prior to starting up BBT with him and JT and the future of that is uncertain, but Bob’s wife Julie was kind enough to make sure we all knew to show up and use the place as our own again this year. It will be a bitter sweet camp for sure with lots of great memories shared…

Not his best buck by a long shot, but a night I will remember forever!

My current open dates after deer camp are November 20 & 21, 24 – 30 Then I am booked on the 1st and 2nd of December, but it opens up quite a bit after that! (Outside of the 6th) We have other guides available as well as motel rooms most days, just call the shop to check on your dates or to book it up, we’d love to have you! 231-745-3529

I’m gonna cut this short now and get ready for this vacation of sorts. Good luck to all the hunters and fishers out there and, please be safe!

Tight lines and true shots!





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