The bite has been up and down, but I am seeing more smiles then frowns.  November is challenging on the Pere Marquette River, but I love it!  You earn your fish and work for takes.  Every river has a personality and the Pere Marquette won me over 20 some years ago.  I can not begin to describe the stories from clients, friends and family that have scored on our beloved river…but, that is for another day!

Trout master…Charlie!!!

We received a good bump in water last week, but it was COLD water.  We got some fish, but not as many as we hoped. The water level and temps have been fluctuating and that correlates to activity…The river temps have been in the upper 30’s for the time being.  

There are good numbers of steelhead throughout the Pere Marquette river system and our steelhead count is looking solid for the winter.  The fish have been bigger and meaner then most years…I know that is hard to imagine; but true!  We have an amazing resource and need to protect it for future generations. Please get involved with the PMTU chapter or PMWC to help protect this awesome river!

The hog!!

I have been catching fish on clown eggs (big and small), chartreuse nukes eggs, pale estaz nuke eggs….and a few on hexes, night stones and streamers.  I have been spending a little bit of time swinging and stripping streamers with some success.  Bright with flash has been good on the strip and slow & low on the swing.  I love breaking out of the mold and doing things different…Today, we pitched Hot’N’Tot lures and caught a couple great fish!

Brent with a nice hen
Justin with a couple at the first hole….good start!!!

My open guide dates are (subject to change):  November 26, 27, 28 & 29…first come, first serve!  Please contact the shop to reserve a day or two 231-745-3529.  We have guides and Motel rooms available for other days and the shop is loaded up with gear, so please swing by!  Let’s go fishing!!!  November steelhead fishing is upon, so please don’t wait too long.

Good presentation is always the key to success…Light fluorocarbon and small natural flies are working the best in the upper river & larger flies in the lower stretches.  The river temps are dropping (upper 30’s), so work the water throughly inside to out in each run/pool.  Grid it out with bobber drifts; and bottom bouncing will pay off right now…cold water means slower presentation…it works very well at this time of the year!  Good flies at this time of year are clown eggs, pale orange estaz nukes, OC glow bugs and natural nymphs like, hexes, flash-back pheasant tails and stone’s.  Streamer fishing is going to be awesome the next couple weeks (post brown trout spawn and aggressive steelhead)…large natural colors will get the most attention. The swing bite is picking up and will only get better. 

Over the next SIX MONTHS, we will be chasing this incredible game fish on our home waters the Pere Marquette River.  We have a very unique fishery for a smaller river…lots of lumber, wild steelhead and clear flows…there is an increased challenge here vs. other area rivers, but the reward is much greater.  Please give it a shot, we would love to take you again or introduce you to this amazing fish (and lifestyle for that matter!).

Take care and please respect other anglers on the rivers while fishing.  Also, PLEASE catch and release our wild steelhead to help keep this amazing fishery strong and healthy.  The fish that makes your day will make someone else day…plus maybe someone released the fish prior for you to catch?  

FYI….BEADS are illegal in the FLIES ONLY SECTION….thank you!!!

Later & Fish-On!