Shop Hours: 7am to 5pm Seven days a week…please stop in or call for your fishing supplies, guides and/or Motel rooms…231-745-3529.

Fall River Clean-Up – Saturday, October 27…Please join us for the day and help keep our river beautiful. We will meet at the shop at 8am, hit the river and re-group at the Pole Barn for dinner around 6pm. Please call to shop to let us know you will be helping (we will need a head count for food). Car spots and dinner are on us to show our appreciation for your support and effort. Thank you and hope to see many of you again this year!!!


It has been a heck of a salmon season!!! Lots of fish, big fish and even bigger smiles!!! Thank you all for your devoted support over the years. We were extremely busy this fall and loved every second of it. Thank you from our guide staff & shop/Motel employees!
All good things must come to and end; but around here it is only getting better! Fall steelhead is our new focus. We deploy many techniques to catch these prized sport fish…Bottom bouncing, switch rods with floating lines and indicators, switch rods with skagit lines and sink tips to swing streamers, stripping streamers with single hand rods and even tossing plugs & spinners with light spinning tackle in the lower river. Mixed approaches are a common daily event; just spoke with your guide in the morning to align your attack. We also love taking beginners fishing, so book a trip to learn or improve your skills.

My current open guide dates: October 22-25, 28, 30 & 31 November 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11-13, 19, 20 & 24-30. Going quick and changing daily!!! We have other guides available and lodging if needed. Please contact the shop 231-745-3529.

The leaves are falling and eggs are tumbling. The river has some color right now and the trees are beautiful. We have experienced a wet week of much need rain, which will help steelhead find their way to the river. The weather has been setting up perfect conditions for a great fall steelhead run. We are getting the water, the eggs are rolling and it’s been cool. Look for steelhead in pockets and runs until the salmon are gone, then the pools and runs are the prime locations. Be ready for a bite from your first cast to your last. Sign up; we have guides open for fall steelhead trips!

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It’s time to down size your gear and rigs (7 & 8 weights, 6 to 10 pound fluorocarbon tippet and smaller flies). Eggs are hard to beat at this point in time, but stones, hexes and caddis will get bit. The clown eggs are one of my favorites, but nukes, estaz eggs and glow bugs will catch plenty. Light roe, early girl, apricot and O-cheese yarn colors are productive in the fall. Look for fish behind the active spawners and steelhead at your feet. Fall Steelhead love hugging the inside seam on the sand…Make a couple short casts before going to the bank.
Also, just a friendly reminder BEADS are NOT Legal in the Fly Water (M-37 to Gleason’s Landing)…please respect the “Flies-Only” section and fish beads down stream…thank you!!!

Later & Fish-On!


  1. I’ve been following you guys for 20 plus years, I’m not a guide but take all my buddies on floats.
    I love this river from beginning to end. It’s gave me a few scares and I give it the up most respect .
    I’m the quiet little guy with the ugly canoe who buys his fly tying supplies from ya all and have for years.
    Anyhow keep the lines tight and the nickers dry lol

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