Shop Hours: 6am to 6pm Seven days a week.…please stop in or call for your fishing supplies, guides and/or Motel rooms…231-745-3529.

It has been busy on the river and fishing pressure is high, please ask before you cast to avoid conflicts. The pools and runs are fishing well, but many fish are spawning too. Look for the occasional brown and/or steelhead in the slots and runs below spawning areas. We have been seeing some very nice steelhead sliding up the river each day…we have hooked a few, but none to the net yet! Any day…any day…the day-makers are there…any day!

We appreciate all the business thus far…it has been a great fall! We are really busy for the next month and love it! Thank you!!! We still have guides available throughout the season on most days. September is almost in the books and that means fall in Michigan!!! The steelhead countdown is on!!! By Mid-October, we switch to steelhead fishing which is our favorite time of year to be hunting chrome on the river. Give it a try if you have never experienced it…there is nothing better! We pride ourselves in honest fishing reports and this is no different. We are experiencing a good run of kings (and most are whoppers!!!). It’s time to go fishing!!!

My current open guide dates: October 9, 13, 14, 16, 18, 22 & then it open up for steelhead fishing We have other guides available and lodging if needed. Please contact the shop 231-745-3529.

Try tossing spinners or stick-bait lures if you are spin fishing. Thundersticks and rattle tots work well. Adjust your color selections based on water clarity and sky conditions. For the fly guys…try Egg Sucking Leeches, black stones, Green caddis, flash flies and egg patterns. Of course, it is always recommended to have an egg pattern on at this time of year around spawning kings.…you never know whats down there eating eggs? There has been a mix of stream trout taken on egg patterns this week.

There are fishable numbers throughout the system. Double check your knots this year, because the fish are large and in charge! Rods are snapping and nets are breaking. Enjoy the challenge and don’t get frustrated for not landing many.

I love my job for many reasons…each day is different, the script is never written until the boat is on the trailer and fish make people smile! Smiling faces are the goal with every guide trip! We can not control the weather, the fish bite, traffic/fishing pressure, but we can make the best of each and every day on the river. I wish everyone else had that demeanor…”If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”

River Clean-Up October 27, 2018….details to follow

It’s been a busy week…but fun!!!! A picture is worth a thousand words…so, here you go!

It is certainly not too early to start thinking about fall and winter steelhead. By mid-October we will be steelhead hunting until the weather gets too brutal. It will be here before you know it. Fall is in the air…NFL Football, college ball & kings are running!

Later & Fish-On!