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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

July 8, 2018


Jim with a nice Brooks River rainbow that took a mouse.

I'm not complaining mind you. It's actually awesome to be so busy all the time and it feels great to be "unplugged" more or less for the summer. Sockeyes and Rainbows on the Naknek during the day folllowed by coctails with my buddies in the evening is a normal day, but I've made my way over to Brooks a few times and it looks like I may get a chance or two to fly out sometime this week as well.

A few more Brooks photos from last week.

Heading home.

I've also been really bad about taking very many photos, but that is often times due to catching the nicer bows from the boat and not wanting to stress them even further by making our way to the shallows for a photo op. These fish are too valuable to risk dropping in the boat and most clients are fine with a quick release.

The traditional blody mary bar has been up and running since I got here.

The bike's been running great and it's awesome to have here!

Jim and I with his limit of Sockeye .

A couple of his better ones.

Thanks for trusting me with your baby Eric. That leak is fixed and I treat her like my own!

Ready to be rinsed, vacume packed and frozen to take home.

I had Walt over to "Huggy's Bar and Grill" for venision steak night.

This crazy bird hung out right with us to take cover from an Eagle.

Pic didn't come out as well as I hoped, but thats a solid line of Sockeye moving up the river.

Venision backstrap night at Huggy's.

A chunky rapids bow and a solid "bouy bow".

Great end to an evening.

Not much more to tell really. Last weeks folks are heading out and this weeks folks are showing up so I'm gonna cut this short now and hopefully make it out this evening to post it. Hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as much as I am and I'll write again when I get a chance and the gumption!

Tight lines all,

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