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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

November 29, 2017


Headed out to deer camp right after my last report!

My old business partner’s place always makes a great “camp”.

Had an awesome time as always hanging out with both of my original BBT partners as well as several other friends I don’t see nearly as often as I should. Out of our 9 hunters on a total of 230 acres (Mostly two to a stand.) we had 4 bucks harvested and two does. JT and I passed up on a half dozen or so smaller bucks during our stay as well as a bunch of does with fawns. In the end, I really only needed one for my freezer and the coming year’s venison needs so my doe tag was filled preferring to let the smaller bucks go.

Opening day harvest.

We donated the heads to the DNR for CWD testing/study.

Great morning view.

Home for a couple of great days.

Hung out at “camp” for a few more days just for the camaraderie (Not to mention the food and beverages! ;^) then went home in time for my trip on the 20th with Bret and his daughter Sara. Tough bite, but we had a few on and Bret managed to tame one of them for a photo!

Good times and great to have you guys…

I had a guide trip already booked for my birthday on the 22nd so once again we did a pre-birthday float the day before. Only hooked two fish in our short time out (had to renew my driver’s license in the morning) and I managed to lose one of those right by the side of the boat, but I did get a good one to hand, enjoyed some venison brats, a few tasty beverages, some great company and my time fishing rather than rowing! (Thanks John and Charlie!)

A great time with great friends!

Took Ralph, who had bid on and won the trip at the PMTU banquette out on my Birthday. They weren’t giving the fish away by any means to anyone we spoke with, but Ralph managed to put a bruiser to hand and it was the best present he could have given me besides just being a great guy to hang out with and talk to! My hope is that it was just the first of more trips to come and thanks again man, not only for making it an easy fun day, but also for your contribution to the TU Chapter!!

What a gift to the both of us!

The next day was Thanksgiving… Karen did great! ;^)

Had a three boat group trip on the 24th, lost a couple of really nice fish early on, struggled for a while then Andrew put one to hand later in the day to save it!

I say you go ahead and cook that Turkey next year! Hehe…

Wound up with an unplanned last minute trip for Saturday the 25th with Mark. He wanted to work on some specific techniques and possibly get off the river a little early so I moved upstream for the day. Actually did fairly well in comparison to those we spoke with in the high traffic hooking and doing battle with four HOT fish, but they did not want their photos taken. Good time as always with Mark, another easy going guy who is just plain fun to hang out with!

Love it when I know my client also loves venison! Here’s the only pic I got. Hehehe

Took a couple of days off from everything after that (when I should have been doing this report) and jumped back out on the water yesterday on a two boat fun trip with friends. Only put two to hand between us, but the first was Craig from Ivan’s first Steelhead ever making it special and the second was a very nice brawler that Steve from Barski tamed! Steve also brought along the lunch for all of us and between that, the camaraderie as always, some fantastic tasty ale treats and the like it was a perfect day!

A Steelhead virgin no more!

A crazy crew for sure…

Right on man, right on.

Bam!! Now we just gotta work on your double haul for Belize buddy…

Plenty of fish in the system for sure, but we’ve had to work for them on most days if I’m being honest. From here on out watch the weather patterns for your best shots, winter lies are turning on, lower traffic days or areas are best and presentation is even more key than pattern! Till next time, tight lines!

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