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Hello Again From Alaska
July 14, 2018

Hello from the great state of Alaska once again. Had a little free time today and decided to try and type a little something up… It’s been a pretty good week here since last report, but not much to talk about on the fishing front from me other than one fly out.

LBJ and I had this crew of Swiss every day but Thursday.

I would have to chalk this week up as one of the easiest in my history here for sure. Jim put LBJ and I with the group above from Switzerland for the week and all they wanted to do was get a limit of Sockeye then go back to camp and clean their own fish! Level wind reels and bait casting rods they brought with them set up for C&D with minimal coaching got the job done pretty quick and it was fun brushing up on my German again.

A makeshift Bimini on a rainy day! ;^)

A nice Rainbow that took a Sockeye fly.

The fish factory.

Pretty good work in the end.

John Kluesing joined me for steak night.

Skiff, Max and Kate’s dog, likes to visit.

Thursday was our one break for Sockeye when the Swiss group went over to Brooks for some bear viewing and LBJ and I took another group of four on a fly out to Gertrude Creek. Didn’t take as many photos that day as I should have, but we caught lots of Grayling, Rainbows, Char and a few Chums using a large variety of methods. Everything from traditional dries, to streamers, eggs and mouse patterns.

Flight in.

The end of a long walk in.

Our one bit of unwanted excitement was when LBJ was photographing a nice Char that we had just landed and he backed up for a wider shot then exclaimed “Oh Shi….t!” while looking in the camera. I knew immediately what he had seen in the frame, dumped the fish, turned around and yelled at the bear who hadn’t even noticed us yet and then took off quickly, but that could have gone otherwise had we not noticed him before he noticed us and that fish. Unfortunately or, fortunately, depending on how you look at it, not much of the bear is showing in the shot he did take just prior, but you get the idea…

There’s something in this photo that does not belong!

Fish on.

A nice Grayling on a mouse.

Plenty of Char around for as early as it is.

Starting the walk out.

Not much to tell after that, just glad I got a few minutes to do an update and now I’ll close this out and attempt to go find some internet to post it. It is currently 11:30am here in Alaska and 3:30pm at home. With even more luck I’ll get a few calls in to my wife and business partner while I’m at it!

Till next time, tight lines…

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