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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

March 31, 2018

Hey guys, just another quick one. Not much new to tell on the report for now. Been having a mix of tough days and almost epic depending on weather, traffic and luck of the rotation draw. There are actually more fish around than one might be led to believe on a sunny and/or high traffic day when they become experts at hiding, but my gut tells me that we have another good push or two to come yet and this may well be one of those fantastic years where the fishing remains steady right thru the end of April and into May rather than one big peak with a taper on either end.

More to come yet!

Winter apparently didn’t pay attention to the calendar and continues to rear its head in the form of cold and some of the whiteouts I’m seeing today, but that’s not all bad and the rainy, snowy, cloudy wet weather is just what the doctor ordered over bright sunny days! Hopefully we get enough precipitation in one form or another to bring our level up a bit and put a little stain back in the water. We had a taste of that last week and it was good, but it didn’t last…

Chris with a nice hen he fought to hand.

Dustin with a wild and beautiful PM Brown.

Had a fairly last minute cancellation for Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, was able to pick up another trip for Wednesday and I took Tom out for a fun float on Tuesday. Neither of us has any interest in hitting the redds so, of course, we had light traffic and lots of fish showing that were “catchable”, but only managed to hook a few new bright and hot fish from the pools that won the day in the woody places we found them. I got a few trout as a consolation prize however!

Escapee from a certain stocked pond I do believe...

A perfect little fry eater.

Peter grabbed that open Wednesday and we had a great morning hooking quite a few fish from a deep bend near some spawning gravels. There were a few fish showing on the gravels up and downstream from us, but not like they had been and we had a mixture of brand new bright fish that won most battles in the pool and some older battle scared bucks I’m assuming had moved in there for cover from the redds nearby. The afternoon was a little tougher bite losing one more bright hot hen, but a number of trout including one really nice brown rounded off a great day in general!

Fun hanging out Peter! Thank you...

Thursday and Friday were spent with Percy and his son in law Carrie the first day then his son Matt on the second. Unfortunately it was night and day on the bite for us. Tuesday was very good hitting a little over a half dozen very nice fish all from dark water, but losing most of those working thru a learning curve and other assorted normal occurrences. (It was Carrie’s fist time and he did great working thru the normal progression. Luckily he sealed the deal the next day with Mike and landed his first on the fly! ;^)

Percy with a couple he got to hand.

Good Friday brought out the crowds and it also brought a very cold morning, water temps that dropped a few degrees and some bright sunshine to boot. Spoke with a few anglers who had done fairly well mostly on the rocks, but the hole bite simply wasn’t there for us and most others we spoke with. Percy did put a pretty nice hen to hand from one hole in the morning that appeared to have taken the fly well, but by the time we netter her after a great battle she was coming in the wrong way so we skipped the photo for a quick release.

I really can’t complain about the traffic as we did get into some really great holes being in a good rotation and everyone seemed to be enjoying the day. It’s really nice when everyone’s nice and we got into some trout in the afternoon.

A quick tape put this day maker right at 21”!

John K and I both had our usual blocked off Saturday today, but John R reported a pretty decent day in very heavy traffic putting some to hand and losing some others. Also said he saw a lot of fish out on the rocks in the afternoon. Another client from earlier on sent me this head shot this morning from down in the mid river where he was also having a pretty good day from the sounds of it!

Nice work!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now so, till next time, tight lines!

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