Herb JacobsenHerb Jacobsen
Hi. I wanted to take this time and introduce myself. I’ve met a few of you on the river, and in the shop, but there are a lot of you, out there, I haven’t met.

My name is Herb Jacobsen. I’ve been guiding since 1968 or there abouts. Part time to begin with and in 1975 I went to full time guiding. I guide, or have guided, in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and now Michigan. I still work in Idaho in the summer time, usually July and August. I do six day float trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. All dry fly-fishing for Cutthroats and Rainbows. The Middle Fork is a class III river with a number of class IV rapids.

I tried working a few times but didn’t really like it so I have been doing the guide thing most of the time since. I did commercial fish in Alaska and Washington for a few years, but that’s another story.

I’ve been fly fishing since I was about 12. My dad bought my brother and I our first fly rods. They were some specials from the Far East, rod and flies, etc. for about 10 bucks. Bamboo of questionable quality. But great for some young guys out to conquer the wiley rainbows and cutthroats of Washington. I must say it was a number of years before I really understood fly-fishing. My youth was filled with considerable impatience and it wasn’t too long before the flies were replaced with a salmon egg or a worm.. Heavens, I’m disclosing some deep dark secrets.

What really got me going was fishing on the Green River outside of Seattle. It was there one fine winter day that I was casting a bait in a nice run and felt a strange pull on the line. I lifted up and an enormous silver bright fish exploded from the water. A mythical fish, a Steelhead. Unfortunately, I was so stunned I never set the hook. A few casts later I hooked and landed a 13lb Hen. I was hooked forever.

About 1970 I started fly fishing for Steelhead in earnest. In those days, out West, we were using lead core shooting heads that we made ourselves. They were a bear to cast, and if you miscast you had better duck in a hurry….

Now, I am into the spey fishing. I teach spey casting and fishing and some of the finer points of presentation. It took some getting used to coming to Michigan and the Michigan style of fishing. But it’s been a good learning process and a lot that I learned in other places has stood me well here.

This is my third year here, now. I have really enjoyed it. The fishing in Michigan is like what it was in Washington 30 or more years ago. That’s no understatement.

Now I’m guiding fulltime out of BBT. Salmon, Steelhead and Trout in their respective times and seasons. I’ll be doing casting instruction with both single handed and double handed rods. Also, if anyone is interested I will teach how to tie spey flies. Both the Syd Glasso style and the classic Spey style.

If anyone out there is looking for a steelhead trip Steve and I have some days open both this Fall and for the Spring. The calendar for next Fall is just about full so if you are considering a salmon trip with either Steve or myself, you need to move on it soon. Otherwise we will be booking for the Fall of 2002.

Well, enough for now. I’ll add some anecdotes as time goes along and will try to keep the page updated as best I can. Any questions or comments can be addressed to my personal e-mail at speyfly@hotmail.com or to the address below.